Relative Path for QoSProvider XML Files

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Relative Path for QoSProvider XML Files

Hey guys,

I have tried every format I can think of, but I always get an error (DDS_QosProvider_load_profiles_from_url_groupI:ERROR: opening profiles group files) when attempting to put a relative path in the URL groups for a QosProvider (this is in the Modern C++ API).  Absolute paths work fine with the file:/// prefix.  But there don't seem to be any examples in the docs using relative paths.  How do I specify a relative path in 6.0.1?

In 5.2.3 we could use the following group of relative search paths and it worked great for finding the qos file running executables in multiple locations within the directory structure.



- Craig Wilson

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Hi Craig,

I'm not sure what the exact syntax was accepted in 5.2.3, but if you want to use URI groups, then you will need to use "file://" to identify file paths.  The file path that comes after "file://" (note double slash not triple) can be relative or absolute...absolute paths start with a "/" or "drive:/".

So using your example:

"[file://avnsil_qos_library.xml | file://../../../../dds_qos/avnsil_qos_library.xml| file://../../../../../dds_qos/avnsil_qos_library.xml | file://../../../../../../dds_qos/avnsil_qos_library.xml | file://./plugins/avnsil_qos_library.xml]"

should work...and load the first file that it finds.