[Reposted] How to modify Performance Test

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[Reposted] How to modify Performance Test

I build performance test example and I run it. Every thing is okay. 

 I want to simulat video streaming. Each frame has a diffrent size and of course each frame will be sent using multiple messages. 

What type of modification should I make for such test?


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Hello Alshaboti, 

This document might help you (and it has source code and XML configuration you can use):


The IDL used in this example is below.  It allocates large frames, but only sends the actual size of the frame. 

// 1024 * 1024 is the maximum frame size
// Data will be allocated at this size, but
// only the actual size of the frame will
// be sent.
const MAX_BUFFER_SIZE = 1048576;

struct VideoStream {
    // This allows a subscriber to differentiate between different video
    // publishers that are publishing the same data on the same Topic.
    long stream_id; //@key

    // Some video formats may require metadata to be sent with the binary
    // video data, such as flags or a frame sequence_number.
    unsigned long flags;
    unsigned long sequence_number;

    // This contains the video buffers
    sequence <octet, MAX_BUFFER_SIZE> frame; 


Thank you!