RTI Analyzer not showing hosts under domain

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RTI Analyzer not showing hosts under domain

RTI Analyzer used to perfectly in my Windows host ( Win 7 ) how ever, it looks like it got into a weired state such that when it starts if there are publisher and subscriber present for any specific domain it displays their type.

Types are present


but when I try to expand the tree it appears empty.  



Besides that, if I sort by host or domain id the list remains empty. It looks like RTI Analyzer is getting some information but not all. It all used to work perfectly though. 

Any pointer on which settings I have to alter or how to go about debugging the issue would be really helpful.



Jamil Anwar Zaman

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Look at two things,what it looks like is that Analyzer is not getting complete discovery (stage one happens, but not stage two).

1) QoS resource limits are too small to allow the passing of the Type information, or

2) A firewall is blocking the other (unicast discovery) ports, but not the multicast ports.