RTI DDS connector Python bindings

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RTI DDS connector Python bindings

Hello, all,

We are researching the Python bindings for the DDS Connector library. We are struggling with the performance of receiving messages with a moderately large sequence of bytes.

Our bytes attribute is defined in a "data" member like so:

  <struct name="AsrImage">
    <!-- ... -->
    <member name="data" sequenceMaxLength="400*400*4" type="byte"/>
  <!-- ... ->

There is no way to extract this attribute directly using any of the provided getters (getNumber, getBoolean, etc.). The only way to get at this data is to use getDictionary() and then access the ["data"] key.

However, getDictionary() takes ~90ms. Yes, 90 MILLISECONDS to do some buffer copying. At our data rate (30Hz), the receiving process simply can't keep up.

Has anyone else had experience with the connector and perhaps its python bindings? We're kinda stuck here and we may have to abandon this effort entirely.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,