RTI DDS Generator on VS2010 broken?

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RTI DDS Generator on VS2010 broken?

Hi, I inherited a project, so I may be speaking nonsense in this post because I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I had a VS2008 project that, when you go to Configuration Properties, there was an "RTI DDS Generator" tab that let you select Output Directory and stuff, which served as a front end to run "call "C:\Program Files (x86)\RTI\ndds.4.5e\scripts\rtiddsgen.bat" -d "E:\Project\foo\win" -language C++ -namespace -stringSize 255 -sequenceSize 100 -replace & if not errorlevel 0 del nul 1>nul 2>&1" ??

Well I took this VS2008 project and converted it. Now I have an RTIDDSBuildRules.targets and RTIDDSBuildRules.xml file (amongst other stuff).

When I build my project, I think it's supposed to take this .idl file and create .cxx files out of it? The problem is instead of creating the "win" directory like it used to, now an "[OutDir]" directory is created instead, and so something can't find the .cxx files and we can't build.

P.S. How did this VS project even get this "RTI DDS Generator" property sheet added to it? I cannot find anything in your web documentation.

Can anyone help?

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That isn't ours.  My guess is that the previous owner manually added an external tool or build rule to the project.