RTI discovery issue between virtual machines.

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RTI discovery issue between virtual machines.


I am currently running RTI DDS on 4 CentOS virtual machines.

I am also running the rtiperftest successfully on each VM for single machine tests.

However I am having trouble having the virtual machines discover each other while conducting multiple machine tests.

From reading the network setup section of the getting started guide, am I right to assume that these hosts should discover each automatically?

From each machine I am able to ping another machine using an IP address or hostname.

I have tried running the tests with the multicast parameter as well as manually setting the IP address/host names.

Is there some step that I am missing from this setup? Is it possible that this is a networking issue with the way the virtual machines are setup?

If there are any tips or possible solutions to get these machines networked, I would appreciate any help!




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> am I right to assume that these hosts should discover each automatically?

This depends: If multicast is correctly enabled, then yes, discovery is by default conducted via Multicast between machines (by the way, the -multicast parameters in RTI Perftest has to do with sending the Data info via multicast, not the discovery phase).

Now, if multicast is not enabled between these 2 machines you won't have communication, this can happen for example if these are in 2 different networks and it is pretty common for scenarios with VMs involved, however, you can still use the -peer option (again, talking about the RTI Perftest application), by adding in each of the applications the ip of the machine where the other application is, then you should be able to complete discovery via unicast. Is that the option you are using?

If that is not happening either, then I would think the problem might be related to the firewall, it is not the first time we have seen the firewall blocking the rtps/rtpx packets, would it be possible for you dissabling the firewall and checking again?

If none of these things are working, I would start wireshark in one of the machines, and start the tests, and see if you see rtps packets from the other ip.