RTI is looking for Security Engineers and Researchers!

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RTI is looking for Security Engineers and Researchers!

We're looking for talented security engineers and researchers! 

The Internet changed the way people interact. The next wave of computing, machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, will change the way machines interact. Sometimes called the Internet of Things or the Industrial Internet, fast, flexible connected devices will enable a new generation of distributed intelligent systems. RTI is leading this wave; our software provides the core nervous system of hundreds of mission-critical systems, from wind farms to smart cars to autonomous airplanes.

RTI has the key technology. Our product features direct peer-to-peer connections, reliable multicast, automated participant discovery, and unique, contractual quality-of-service control. We can connect thousands of devices quickly and reliably. But security is a key concern. How do we protect our power systems from attack? What prevents malware from damaging an autonomous plane? How do you validate and securely exchange data between hundreds or thousands of devices?

RTI's development team must find innovative answers to these questions. We're looking for both development engineers and researchers. 

  • As our Security Research Engineer, you will lead advanced research to secure real-time middleware while maintaining extreme performance and scalability. You will work with RTI's top engineers and researchers in distributed systems. You will partner with many universities and research institutions worldwide. You will also lead funded research projects as Principal Investigator, and help us shape and win future proposals. We are standards leaders; you will also help us drive international standards in the area of real-time middleware security.
  • As our Lead Security Software Engineer you will combine emerging technologies and our advanced research to secure our real-time middleware while maintaining extreme performance and scalability. Our team values creativity, risk-taking, innovation, and open communication. Come develop technology that will drive the development of real-time distributed, mission-critical systems.

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