RTI ME 2.2.3

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RTI ME 2.2.3


i have some questions about RTI micro edition 2.2.3

1/ How to activate log debug (warning or info) ?
I set OSAPI_Log_set_verbosity(OSAPI_LOG_VERBOSITY_DEBUG); but it changes nothing

2/ How to manipulate time of discovery ?
I mean how to configure detection of new or loss of partner (subscriber or publisher) in x seconds ?
When i loose a partner, it takes one minute to discover it.

3/ How to understand log error like ERROR:ModuleID=7,ErrCode=151,..... ?



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Hi Rodolf,

1) OSAPI_Log_set_verbosity(OSAPI_LOG_VERBOSITY_DEBUG) does increase logging verbosity.  What messages are you expecting to be logged but which are not being logged?

2) A discovery plugin, either DPDE or DPSE, has properties that can be configured upon registering the plugin.  It is best shown in the HelloWorld example.  Let's take the HelloWorld_dpde example:

In example/C/HelloWorld_dpde/HelloWorldApplication.c, in the function Application_create(), there is the property:

    struct DPDE_DiscoveryPluginProperty discovery_plugin_properties =

 The definition of struct DPDE_DiscoveryPluginProperty is found in include/rti_me/disc_dpde/disc_dpde_discovery_plugin.h.  It includes participant_liveliness_assert_period, which can be decreased from its default value of 30 seconds for more frequent participant announcements and thus less time for participant discovery.  An example of configuring it to 5 seconds:

    discovery_plugin_properties.participant_liveliness_assert_period.sec = 5;
    discovery_plugin_properties.participant_liveliness_assert_period.nanosec = 0;

    if (!RT_Registry_register(registry,
        printf("failed to register dpde\n");
        goto done;


3) In online documention, see the module "RTI Connext Micro Logging Reference" and the section on "Interpreting Log Messages and Error Codes." 




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Hi Edward,

Thank you for your response.