RTIReplay.exe No data on any topic

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RTIReplay.exe No data on any topic


when a (Windows) RTIReplay instance is remotely run with a replay topic specification that results in there being no data for the service to replay then the instance exits with a return code of -1. The same value it uses to represent (say) a malformed configfuration file. I want to be able to differentiate these two cases because whilst the 'no data' case is undesirable, it is not actually an error for me.

I have many RTIReplay instances starting at the same time and I am using manual start mode as part of the procedure to manage these instances. The trouble I am having is that the 'no data for any topic' instances exit during startup whilst our service is waiting to reach a steady state where each RTIReplay instance has started and is idle.

Even if I wanted to examine text from stderr or the distributed logger, the latter doesn't report the 'no data' even on the occasions it is discovered in time.So it looks like I'll either be doing my own scanning of the recorder database and regular expression matching to predict whether there will be data to replay, or perhaps recording some additional carrier signal topic just to make sure there is something to replay.

Am I missing something?