Secure DDS and a (regulatory) timestamp

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Secure DDS and a (regulatory) timestamp

Does the Secure DDS (or, I guess, just normal DDS) support the idea of getting a Timestamp from a hardware security module?

The problem with <writer>.write_w_timestamp(...) is that I can supply whatever timestamp I want.  I'd rather be able to point the middleware at an HSM and have it supply the timestamp, rather than use the system clock.

It might be a better implementation to add an RTPS sub-message for a "regulatory timestamp".  I realize it would be cheating to write a custom transport that would append a "regulatory timestamp" sub-message for use by a recorder/audit system.

Another alternate would be to write a "consumer-side timestamp" mechanism and write a logger that uses the Distributed Logger topics/types.  On receipt, query the HSM for the current stamp and append that to the log along with the distributed logger sample.*

But it would more elegant if the Secure DDS handled this, as it's part of the security function.

* For my current need, this seems like the best fit, so I'll do that.  But an answer to the "Does the Secure DDS support..." question would be interesting for longer term.