Sending UDP 7411 traffic to local nics

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Sending UDP 7411 traffic to local nics

I have 2 computers running DDS configure to use unicast mode 

Computer 1 has 4 interfaces:


eth0 (

eth1 (

eth2( )

eth3 (


Computer 2 has 1 interface:

eth0 (


The Unicast is configured between and like this in the USER_QOS_PROFILES:



            <!-- That value should be always set to 1. Because it has lower priority
                 than multicast and will affect nothing if multicast enabled -->
            <!-- Set value to "0" when wish to switch to Unicast -->
When I've checked my network equipment I discovered that the machine sends millions of udp packets to the addresses belongs to the eth1,eth2, eht3 on the seond computer. 
These address arn't rountable, and aren't reachable - so obviesly nothing happenes, just a network overload of junk. 
How can I disable this behaviour ? 




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Hi Dani,

Have you tried to deny at DDS level the interfaces you do not want to use? You can see how in this article:

Let me know if that works,