Setting participant property QoS for rtimonitor

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Setting participant property QoS for rtimonitor


I was wondering how to set the participant propert QoS programmatically in C#.

Here is the code I'm using:

PropertyQosPolicyHelper.add_property(participant_qos.property_qos, "rti.monitor.library", "rtimonitoring", false);  PropertyQosPolicyHelper.add_property(participant_qos.property_qos, "rti.monitor.create_function", "RTIDefaultMonitor_create", false); 

There was no reference that I could find that tells me what the extension properties are. There are a couple of examples for C and C++, but the "rti.monitor.create_function" value looks like pointers.The only other reference was for setting these properties in the QoS.xml file.

I am not really sure if these properties are set - using Monitor, I don't actually see these in the QoS pane under participant/properties....

 - Mike

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Hello Mike, 

To enable Monitoring programmatically, I recommend reading the monitoring library getting started guide.  We just realized that this document wasn't linked directly from the documentation page, so we are adding it there now.  (Also, if you are using RTI Connext DDS launcher, you can right-click on the RTI Monitor button to bring up the monitoring library document, instead.)

We do not have a master list of the properties you can review – individual properties are documented along with the related features such as the Monitoring Library.

Is Monitor showing you statistics about your DataWriters and DataReaders, along with the other QoS for your DataWriters/DataReaders?  If it is, the Monitoring Library is correctly enabled.

Thank you!