Share memory transport

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Share memory transport

I am looking for example code for setting share memory transport only, no UDP.

I am using vxWorks 6.9, and I don't have the XML file to change the environment. How do I change it in the generated code?



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The XML just configures QoS and you can do the same QoS configuration directly from compiled code.

In your case you just need to set the TransportBuiltinQosPolicy found in the transport_builtin member of the DomainParticipantQos.

You may also want to take a look at the HOWTO titled Control or Restrict the Network Interfaces (NICs) used for discovery and data distribution.  The use-case is slightly different it describes how to configure transport properties first using first the XML configuration and then (in section 2)  using the domain participant QoS directly from the code.