sqlite GUI Tool for Linux

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sqlite GUI Tool for Linux

We use the RTI Recording Service to record data, does anyone know of any good linux sqlite GUI tool to view the recorded data?    We use a tool called “sqlite-manager” but it doesn’t work well (failed to load/refresh) when the data file is constantly being added by the recording service.   

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I use SQLite Studio. It's a free tool available in many platforms and it's been working fine for me. You can open and navigate the tables while Recorder is recording and it's got a refresh table button (tool-tipped as "Refresh table data (F5)" which works fine. If when refreshing, Recorder has SQLite blocked and the refresh can't proceed, it shows you a "busy" message, but you can try refreshing again and it will eventually work.

You can give it a go too and see how it works for you :)

Their website: http://sqlitestudio.pl/

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Alternatively you can also try SQLite Database Browser, it is light and simple

SQLite Database Browser http://sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net/