Strange errors in reasonably complex system

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Strange errors in reasonably complex system


I am working on a system that has a number of servers connected together that are generally performing different tasks.  Each server has its own set of topics that it listens to and they all are sending out status information periodically.  Some of the messages are fairly low frequency, e.g., 1 hz, and there are a few topics that run at 10hz with a fairly large amount of data.  Every once in a while there is a large blast of topics that occurrs as a particular process starts and stops.  Currently we are experiencing difficulties with this starting and stopping procedure. 

There is one server that is the "head" which controls the remainder of the system.  This machine is a Windows server with an associated GUI.  The GUI is written in C#.  During the startup process and following the startup process for (what I presume to be) eternity, a console window pops up and spews the following error:

"WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_findSample:!auto purge instance
PRESPsService_writerHistoryDriverListenerOnInstanceReplaced:!modify pres psWriter
WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_dropFullyAckedUnregisteredInstance:!on replace instance
WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_findSample:!auto purge instance
PRESPsService_writerHistoryDriverListenerOnInstanceReplaced:!modify pres psWriter"" (and so on..)

When this series of errors occurrs then the entire system is essentially disabled as no DDS communication flows to any other server.

On one of the servers that does not publish many messages, we periodically see the following message repeated a few hundred times:

"PRESPsService_assertFilteredwrrRecord:!assert pres filtered writer remote reader
PRESPsService_onLinkToLocalEndpointEvent:!create linkToLocalWriter"

I haven't been able to find much information on these errors.  Any insight as to what the possible causes are, would be greatly appreciated!

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