Summary of differences between PRO and Cert

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Summary of differences between PRO and Cert

Hello!  This is going to probably be a bit of an odd question.  I'd apprecaite any guidance that would point me in the right direction.

I'm on a project that is currently using RTI Connext DDS Pro 6.1.1. In the future, we will have to change to RTI DDS Cert for safety reasons, which I understand is based on Micro 2.4. In order to prepare for the jump, we are considering using Pro for now, but limiting our feature use to those that are compatible with Cert to minimize the pain when we make the jump. After taking the RTI on-site training, I remember a few things related to what was available in Pro vs. Cert.  Is there a more complete list of features not available in Cert as compared to Pro?

For example, I remember hearing that:

  1. XTypes are not supported in Cert (
    1. Separate question: Can you still use Unions in IDLs for Cert?
  2. Dynamic Discovery is not supported in Cert (only Static Endpoint Discovery).
  3. KEEP_LAST=ALL is not supported; memory needs to be fixed to avoid dynamic memory allocation.
  4. Cert is limited to the C-API.

I'm sure this is a very incomplete list.  What's the best way to find all the differences?



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It's much easier to see what is supported by Micro than what is different...which includes what is not.

I suggest you use the Micro documentation as a guide.  Start here...

CERT is even a smaller subset of the API.  From the API reference docs:


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Hello Phil,
I'm your Field Application Engineer and have been having discussions with Ernie and our Services team on this very topic. I can support a call, web meeting, or can provide more detailed answers in email. If you already have all the details from those earlier meetings and need more information, we are happy to assist.

Let me know how you'd like to proceed,

Patrick (PK) Keliher
Regional FAE Manager

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