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Support for Unity Game Engine

Hello my learned friends.

We are looking at implementing a simulation environment and need to communicate with the Unity Game Engine. So far I have found two products that look like they come close from VT Mäk but I cannot say with any degree of confidence they are what we are looking for.

Does anyone know of a suitable (preferably RTI based) product that will interface with Unity? Have any of you gone through this process already?
All advice is appreciated.


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Hi there,

I am not an expert on unity but I think unity uses C# (among other languages) as main language development.. right? Could you use our c# api?

-- Gianpiero

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Unfortunately since even the latest version of Unity, 5.5, is still based on .NET 3.5 I don't think it will work with Connext. I tried copying the nddsdotnet DDL's into my project folder and when I click on them in the Inspector they are shown as native instead of managed and the "Assembly Info" field (which should show the .NET version) is not displayed. Unity has a mono update on their roadmap and there are some preview betas available on their forums but the update isn't targeted for 5.6 so my guess is that it might be quite some time before we see it in a production release.

I believe the specific flavor of the tool the original poster linked to was actually VR-Link for Unity. This connects Unity with the DIS & HLA military simulation protocols, the latter of which has a component called the RTI (run time infrastructure) which is sometimes confused with the company but unfortunately this tool does not support DDS.

Unity also supports Javascript so it may be possible to use Connext via the RTI Connector.

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Upon further investigation I think the problem is that the Connext .NET DLL's aren't pure CIL (i.e. they're a mixture of managed and unmanaged code). Mixed assemblies aren't supported by Mono so unfortunately at this point I don't think Connext is going to be compatible with Unity.

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As Constellation mentioned, RTI Connext for C# is based on CLI/C++ and it is not 100% compatible with Mono. That said, we are working on gathering interest from customers to see if we can create a new version of our C# API that is completly compatible with Mono. This would help not only people using Unity, but people using C# on Linux.

If you are interested, please contact your account team with your account information and let them know. If you are in Europe, you can contact me (I'm FAE in EMEA) at sara(AT)