Supported platform for OMEGA 2+ supporting MIPS architecture

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Supported platform for OMEGA 2+ supporting MIPS architecture


I try to install the rticonnexctdds_connector in my OMEGA 2+  (that it has MIPS architecture Linux/GNU 4.4.74 ) and for this aim I used the command: pip install rticonnexctdds_connector.

The installation is successfully done but when I import it I have this error:

 OSError: error relocating /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packges/rticonnextdds_connector/../rticonnextddsconnector/lib/i86Linux.xgcc.3/ unsupported relocation type 7

I tried to change the library path from other supported platform ...\Lib\site-packages\rticonnextdds-connector\lib\x64Linux2.6gcc4.4.5 but it didn't work.

SO I wonder if there is any solution to install rticonnextdds_connector for my OMEGA2+ embedded system with MIPS architecture.


thank you for your help!


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Hello wiem, 

It looks like this question fell through the cracks:

We do not support the MIPS architecture, which is why you are seeing an error. 

Thank you,