Target Load based on data segmentation

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Target Load based on data segmentation

I am attempting to use RTI DDS on some low power distributed targets and I'm interested in how segmenting topics/domains will impact load on the target.

Specifically, will there be less load on the target if it isn't subscribed to certain topics on its domain or if those unneeded topics are in a different domain?

My initial thought is that it will sift more efficiently if the unwanted data is on another domain but it occurs to me that the hit for sifting based on topic may be similar or the same.

Can anyone speak to this?


Also - Has anyone found good application guides for topic/domain structuring for distributed control systems with multiple targets that have multiple applications running simultaneously?


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Hello Michael,

Only the communications that are enabled will consume resources in your system. So, if you have a subscriber into a target which is not subscribed to any topics, it will only receive discovery data. So that target will only recive the data sent to the topic it is subscribed (in its domain) + discovery information.
So, you will only receive the wanted data. However, if you have 2 subscribers in different topics created using the same participant, they both will share the reception port. If you have them in different participants or domain IDs, the reception port will be different. Although these data is received because you have any subscriber reading that topic.
I hope this helps.