Using RTI Connext with NetBeans

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Using RTI Connext with NetBeans

How do you configure RTI Connext and NetBeans to develop Java applications using RTI Connext classes with NetBeans? 

Importing RTI Connext classes in a NetBeans application gives an error that states" the class does not exit".

What has to be done to make NetBeans recognize the RTI Connext .jar files.

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Hi George

Creating a NetBeans Java project for an RTI Connext application should follow the same procedure as for any other regular Java application. See the link below for a NetBeans tutorial:

The important detail you need to take into account is that a RTI Connext Java application has a dependency with the native libraries, which are required for running. These are not required for building, but when you want to run the built Java application you'll have to set the library path to the location of the RTI Connext libraries.