V Tech Challenge (2014-2015)

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V Tech Challenge (2014-2015)

A few weeks ago, the V Tech Challenge of the University of Granada began. For third year, RTI is sponsoring! And again we will part of the jury.

This year, the challenges were proposed by the Tech Challenge organization:

  • An automatic attendance record that controls the number of students in a room, whether they signed for that class, whether there are free seats, etc. (full description in Spanish).
  • A parking access control system that allows you to know whether there are free spots in the campus parking, and controls the access to the restricted areas (full description in Spanish).

If you are somehow familiar with DDS, you can see the advantages of using a real-time middleware to solve both problems! That's why RTI has decided to provide RTI Connext licenses to all students willing to use our technology for this year's Tech Challenge. See this posting on how to get the licenses.

This is a great opportunity for the students to learn a cutting edgy technology, RTI Connext DDS; but also for us to get to know to tomorrow's engineers.