What is a TopicListener ?

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What is a TopicListener ?


We are using RTI DDS v5.3.1 and RHEL 7.5 64-bit

We are reviewing the restrictions wrt to exclusive areas, EA.


In the Core Libraries User Guide, Part 2: Core Concepts, DDS Entties, Exclusive AReas (EAs), Restricted Operations in Listener Callbacks, there is this statement at the end of the section:

Within the TopicListener callback, you cannot call any operations on DataReaders, DataWriters, Publishers, Subscribers or DomainParticipants.


What is a TopicListener?




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Every Entity type has a listener that notifies about status changes in that entity. DomainParticipant => DomainParticipantListener, DataReader => DataReaderListener, Topic => TopicListener, etc.

A TopicListener notifies of a single status change: on_inconsistent_topic.

See https://community.rti.com/static/documentation/connext-dds/6.0.0/doc/api/connext_dds/api_cpp2/classdds_1_1topic_1_1TopicListener.html