Writer's ownership strength

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Writer's ownership strength

There are several Writers that use Exclusive onwership.

Writers have different onwership strengths (100-110).

Can I receive only topics with specific ownership strength in this situation?

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Hi Son,

If you configure your DataReaders and DataWriters with exclusive ownership, you will receive samples of a specific Topic Instance only from one DataWriter at a time: the one with the highest ownership strength.

In your case, if you have DataWriters with ownership strengths ranging from 100 to 110 writing the same Topic Instance, you will receive from the DataWriter with ownership strength 110. If that DataWriter becomes unavailable, DDS will fall back to the DataWriter with ownership strength 109. Likewise, if you instantiate a new DataWriter with a higher ownership strength (e.g., 111), DDS will ensure that your DataReader receives data from the new DataWriter instead.

For more information on the Ownership QoS Policy, please refer to the corresponding section in the User's Manual.