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Xtype extensions


I have a device using Connext Micro and other devices in the system are using Connext Core.  Some topics that were developed for Core are using the @Optional keyword on some fields in the IDL. I found that these topics will not match up with the Micro device. Is there any way to get these topics to match other than removing the @Optional extension? Is there any plan for Micro to support Xtype extensions?


Anne Fiore

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Hi Anne,

Yes our current plan is to support  @optional and other DDS-XTYPES features in the next release of Connext DDS Micro. In the mean time you could use sequneces with max length of 1 to emulate the behavior of optional  members.

That is substitute:

struct MyStruct {
    @optional Foo foo_member;


struct MyStruct {
    sequence<Foo, 1> foo_member;