Community (RTI)

Community at RTI is an initiative aimed at bringing all of the members of our community together (customers, vendors, employees, future users, etc.) and providing them with resources to enable everyone to be successful using, developing, and working with our products.

Communities at RTI

While we consider everyone who participates to be a member of our community, we have a few formal communities at RTI that everyone should know about.

  • University Program.
  • Research Program.
  • Infrastructure Community. Members of a defined Infrastructure Community are given use of our product, RTI Connext DDS, as Open Community Source. For more information on Open Community Source, check out the blog posting, Practical Freedom and Open Business - As Applied to DDS and Open Source by Stan Schneider, our CEO.

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Hi All Experts


I  have a test idl file which is as follows :

struct MyTopic {

      long key; //@key

      short var_i;

      double var_d;



Nowis it possible for me apply content filtering  to subscribe only  member function var_i and the key only, and leave var_d.