Can I use Java 1.6 with rtiddsgen?

Note: Applies to RTI Connext 4.4c and higher.

By default, rtiddsgen uses JRE 1.4, which is distributed with RTI Connext in $NDDSHOME/jre.

If you can not use JRE 1.4 on your computer, the following instructions can help you run rtiddsgen with a Java 5 or Java 6 JRE.

  1. To use rtiddsgen with Java 1.6, you need Xalan-Java 2.7.1 or higher. Download the latest Xalan-Java version from
  2. Unpack the Xalan distribution file in a location of your choice.
  3. Set the XALANHOME and NDDSJREHOME environment variables to the Xalan installation and JRE 1.6 installation directories, respectively.
  4. Run rtiddsgen using the script located in $NDDSHOME/scripts.