Error running RTI Launcher with Parallels Desktop on a Mac

When using Windows installed with Parallels Desktop on a Mac, you may run into trouble when starting RTI Launcher. This issue is related to the way Parallels Desktop sets up the user’s home. It attempts to use the Mac file system locations for the home directory. You can check which environment RTI Launcher is using by editing the file rtilauncher.bat1 from the bin directory. You just need to add "set" right before the call to Java, as the following snippet shows:

set rtiLauncherJar=%appLibClassDir%/rtilauncher.jar


if not "%~1"=="" ( 
 call "%JREHOME%\bin\javaw" -DrtipkgFile=%1 -jar "%rtiLauncherJar%" 
) else ( 
 call "%JREHOME%\bin\javaw" -jar "%rtiLauncherJar%" 

You may run into this issue if the printed workspaceDir points to the "Parallels Shared Folder" (PSF), for example, "\\psf\Home\Documents\rti_workspace\5.2.3\user_config\launcher".

In that case, you can follow the steps below to avoid the issue and run RTI Launcher successfully:

  1. Go to $NDDSHOME\resource\scripts\ 
  2. Edit rticommon_config.bat and uncomment the following line: 
    @REM set "workspaceDir=C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\rti_workspace"
  3. Re-run RTI Launcher. It may take a minute or two to run, as it will recopy examples and configurations to the new workspace.

1. It is recomended to make a copy of the original rtilauncher.bat before adding the suggested modification.