How do I set the multicast_receive_addresses when using rtiddsping and rtiddsspy?

 Note: Applies to RTI Data Distribution Service 4.3x and above,

Both rtiddsping and rtiddsspy can be configured to use multicast for discovery announcements by specifying a multicast address as part of the initial peer list (using -preer <PEER>).

However, rtiddsping and rtiddsspy do not have command-line options to modify multicast_receive_addresses (this is a known issue, RTI bug # 12462). As a result, rtiddsping and rtiddsspy always use the default multicast address,

In version 4.4b and higher, there is a workaround to this problem. You can use the attribute, is_default_qos, in a <qos_profile> tag to overwrite the default QoS values, including multicast_receive_addresses. For example:

    <qos_library name="foo_Library">
        <qos_profile name="foo_Profile" is_default_qos="true">
        <!-- QoS to configure data writer created in the example code -->
                        <!-- NEW, non-default multicast -->
                        <!-- NEW, non-default multicast receive address -->