RTI Admin Console 7.3.0 fails to open on Apple Silicon (M1)

Although Admin Console runs natively on Macs using Apple silicon, there is a bug in the way RTI_AdminConsole.app file is generated. This causes the system to think it is not native and, therefore, requires Rosetta 2 to execute the application. If Rosetta 2 is not installed you will get the following error when trying to open Admin Console version 7.3.0 on a Mac computer with Apple silicon (M1, M2, etc.). This issue will be addressed in future RTI releases and patches [RTI Issue ID ADMINCONSOLE-1364].


error terminal

To fix this issue, install Rosetta 2. 

  1. Go to the RTI_AdminConsole.app file within Finder. This file should be in the following directory:

    1. <rti_connext_installation_root>/resource/bin/app/arm64darwin20clang12/RTI_AdminConsole.app

    2. Usually installed in the /Applications directory, the path should be:

  2. Double-click the file; a pop up indicates that Rosetta is required to run the application. Select Install.

rosetta dialog

Rosetta can also be installed from the terminal with the following command:

$> softwareupdate --install-rosetta