Unexpected behavior as a result of a corrupted Admin Console workspace

This short article details how to remove the current RTI Admin Console Workspace so that Admin Console starts with a new workspace when restarted.

Admin Console is based on the industry-standard Eclipse Foundation Platform ©, and its workspace can become corrupted. This infrequent event may occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ungraceful shutdowns or crashes

  • Using a workspace from a previous installation (for example, moving from a Feature Release to an Official LTS release)

Symptoms of a corrupted workspace varies but usually results in unexpected behavior in Admin Console.  If workspace corruption occurs, starting with a fresh workspace typically solves unexpected Admin Console behavior.

Admin Console's default workspace location:


  • Documents\rti_workspace\<version>\user_config\admin_console


  • ~/rti_workspace/<version>/user_config/admin_console


To start with a fresh workspace, simply delete the existing one.


Admin Console's workspace contains user preferences, log files, and metadata. Starting with a new workspace defaults Admin Console's configuration back to its defaults, so it's a good idea to save the existing workspace prior to starting with a new workspace.


Step 1: Archive existing workspace (for example, User=rtiuser, Connext version 7.3.0)

This is an optional step but is considered good practice in the event you want to revert back to a saved workspace. In this step, simply rename the current workspace.

Windows: (xcopy)

xcopy /E /H /C /I C:\Users\rtiuser\Documents\rti_workspace\7.3.0\user_config\admin_console C:\Users\rtiuser\Documents\rti_workspace\7.3.0\user_config\admin_console.SAVED


cp -rp ~/rti_workspace/7.3.0/user_config/admin_console ~/rti_workspace/7.3.0/user_config/admin_console.SAVED


Step 2: Delete the existing workspace (for example, User=rtiuser, Connext version 7.3.0)

Windows: (rmdir)

rmdir /S /Q C:\Users\rtiuser\Documents\rti_workspace\7.3.0\user_config\admin_console


rm -rf ~/rti_workspace/7.3.0/user_config/admin_console


If starting with a new workspace does not solve any unexpected behaviors, you can contact RTI Support for additional assistance.