What causes “Error initializing MySQL Server Queue” when running RTI Database Integration Service

In some cases RTI Database Integration Service fails to start even when the libraries are properly configured. The triggered error is the following:

[root@localhost ~]# rtirtc_mysql -cfgName default -noDaemon
RTI Database Integration Service to MySQL, Release 5.2.0: startup succeeded
[DDSQLDaemonCNAHelper_createCNAConnection,line 1046:ERROR:4096:50002] [CNA:CNAOpen] Error initializing MySQL Server Queue
[DDSQLDaemonCore_ConnectionThreadProc,line 4128:ERROR:18] Error creating connection to database log

The known reasons of this issue are:

Cause 1: Having SELinux enabled and enforced doesn't allow the mysqld daemon to create the shared resources that the rtirtc_mysqlq queue uses.
Solution 1: A workaround for this is to disable SELinux or set it to permissive. To do this you have to edit the file /etc/sysconfig/selinux and set the variable SELinux to 'permissive' or 'disabled'.

Cause 2: When installing RTI Database Integration Service over an eval version of Connext DDS the mysqlq plugin is trying to create a participant using licensed nddsc and nddscore libraries.
Solution 2: using unlicensed version of these libraries.