What debugging tools does RTI recommend?

While this not an exhaustive list, RTI Support recommends having the following tools and configuration available in systems you expect to debug:

  • RTI tools
    • RTI Administration Console
    • RTI Monitor
    • rtiddsspy
    • Rtiddsping
  • Core dumps enabled, e.g. in Linux, ulimit -c unlimited
    • You may also need to set the kernel.core_pattern so the core file is generated in the cwd and not piped to an application, e.g. sysctl kernel.core_pattern=core.%p
  • Command line debugger, e.g. GDB or LLDB
  • Command line memory error and memory leak detection tool, e.g. Valgrind
  • Network packet capture and analysis tools, e.g. Wireshark or tcpdump
  • Command line performance analysis tool, e.g. perf
  • Command line system call tracing tool, e.g. strace
  • BPF support (requires Linux kernel 4.4, or preferably 4.9 and higher)