What does RTI Analyzer error code 127 or 'shell error undefined symbol: _ZN4nsID5ParseEPKc' in libswt mean?

If you are running RTI Analyzer on Linux and you see the following message:

 JVM terminated. Exit code=127

and the following error on the command shell:

/usr/local/rti/RTI_Developer_Platform_1.3.0/jre/bin/java: symbol lookup error:
/usr/local/rti/RTI_Developer_Platform_1.3.0/apps/RTI_Analyzer_1.3.0/eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/23/1/.cp/libswt-mozilla-gtk-3235.so: undefined symbol:_ZN4nsID5ParseEPKc

The root cause of this issue is that the libswt library installed by Mozilla has an unresolved symbol to the xulrunner-devel.

Eclipse, upon which RTI Developer Platform is built, uses this same libswt library. You can resolve this error by installing the xulrunner-dev package on your system (as root):

yum install xulrunner-devel

If you still have the problem, the xulrunner package must be removed:

yum remove xulrunner

When you restart Eclipse, it should work.

Note: Firefox will also be removed when you run xulrunner. To reinstall it, enter:
yum install firefox