What does the warning PRESWriterHistoryDriver_completeBeAsynchPub:!make_sample_reclaimable mean?

When using asynchronous publication and Best Effort reliability, you may see the warning:

PRESWriterHistoryDriver_completeBeAsynchPub:!make_sample_reclaimable in topic 'MyTopic' 

This warning message may be caused by a small history depth you are configuring. Since you are using asynchronous publishing, samples are stored in a queue before being flushed to the transport. The problem may be that before being flushed, some samples are discarded due to KeepLast history depth, causing the warning to be printed. The KeepLast replacement of a sample is expected behavior when the writer queue is full of unacknowledged samples, so this warning may not be a concern, but if your use case requirements do not tolerate sample replacement, this warning provides insight into when replacement is happening.

To mitigate this issue, you can try to set a history depth bigger for the DataWriter and the DataReader. If this change does not help, please contact RTI Support for further assistance.