What is RTI Developer Platform?

Note: Applies to RTI Data Distribution Service 4.2x, 4.3x, and 4.4x.

Designed to work with RTI Connext, RTI Developer Platform is a set of tools that provide powerful insight and comprehensive analysis of your distributed data network. They will simplify your distributed system development and make it much easier to integrate and debug your distributed real-time system. The RTI Developer Platform includes:

  • RTI Analyzera system level debugging tool that finds RTI Connext objects in a running system, organizes them, and shows you their communication parameters.
  • RTI Scopea node level debugging tool that monitors variables and graphs the output for fast analysis.
  • RTI Protocol Analyzera network level analysis tool that captures packets, shows packet contents, and analyzes bandwidth use. 

Current versions of RTI Connext provide RTI Analyzer unbundled. See http://www.rti.com/products/messaging/index.html for detailed information.