What is RTI Real-Time Connect?

RTI Real-Time Connect is the first off-the-shelf, standards-compliant solution for integrating enterprise applications with real-time applications, data and devices. RTI Real-Time Connect integrates enterprise applications with real-time applications that require: 

  • Low latency messaging—as fast as 65 microseconds between nodes 
  • High throughput—up to 80,000 messages or 950 megabits of data per second 
  • Embedded and real-time operating system support—for use in intelligent devices and sensors 

RTI Real-Time Connect overcomes the major challenges traditionally associated with integrating enterprise and real-time systems: transforming messages and data between the different native formats used in each domain and preventing high-throughput real-time traffic from overwhelming slower enterprise infrastructure. 

RTI Real-Time Connect is currently available for use with Oracle Database and Oracle TimesTen in-Memory Database, and can be used with Oracle BPEL Process Manager. 

Consult http://www.rti.com/products/data_distribution/RTIReal-TimeConnect.html for detailed information.