Why do I see "Error storing RTI DDS sample in table 'database.tablename'" in the RTC console when subscribing to data?

Note: Applies to RTI Real-Time Connect 4.x and above.

One possible reason might be your ODBC driver. The following error may appear when RTI Real-Time Connect tries to store a sample and after creating a new entry in the RTC database table RTIDDS_SUBSCRIPTIONS, such as  table_history_depth:

RTI Real-Time Connect to MySQL, Release 4.4d: startup succeeded
[DDSQLDaemonDynamic_initializeParamDataFromSelectStmt,line 2364:ERROR:2048:0]
[DDSQLDaemonDynamic_storeSampleIntoDatabase,line 2645:ERROR:36] Error gathering
instance information through the execution of the associated SELECT statement
[DDSQLDaemonCore_on_data_available,line 809:ERROR:2] Error storing RTI DDS sample in table 'test.Example'

This is a known bug in the ODBC driver version 3.51. The solution is to upgrade to ODBC driver 5.1. You can download it from the following URL: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/5.1.html