Windows console seems to freeze DDS application when clicked

Windows 10 consoles have a feature called Quick Edit that may cause confusion when using RTI Connext DDS applications that use the console. In particular, the application may appear to hang when the console window is clicked in with the mouse.
This 'hanging effect' is a by-product of the Quick Edit option; this option is enabled by default but can easily be disabled.
An example of why this option may cause confusion - if you inadvertently click in the RTI DDS Ping's Publisher Console,  ping data samples are halted until the Enter Key is hit.
Without knowledge of the existence of this Quick Edit feature, you could waste time trying to debug a non-existent DDS problem.

To tell if Quick Edit is enabled in your console, click in the console window. If your cursor leaves an insertion-type box at the location clicked, the Quick Edit feature is active. 

To disable the Quick Edit feature, right-mouse-click the console's border, select Properties, and choose the Options Tab.


With the Quick Edit feature disabled, clicking in the window does not stop the application.

Here is a Stack Overflow article with some good information:  


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