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Wireshark Analysis of DDS Packets


I am trying to find the packets which been sent by the RTI DDS over the  network. I am capturing packets for Shape Demo with wireshark. I need help in the analysis part. I am attaching pcap file also with this topic.

I am trying to find the DATA which is been sent from publisher to the subscriber in the DATA Submessage, but i didn't find readable values of data (x, y, color etc) of the topic available in this sub message.

Can anyone help in figuring out that.

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general clarity of data on the wire.

Hello, I am still building my understanding of DDS- RTPS 2.1 data. I thought I had a general conception but an input I received on it -> made me want to ask for clarification.

My understanding is that the first part of the datagram is going to be the Message header.

Directly after that will be the first sub-message header which will have the ID byte, Flags Byte and 2 sub-message length bytes.


ID will always be a hex value 0x01 to 0xFF

Flags will always be 0x00 to 0xFF??

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