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Suggestions for generic topic publishing tool

We're prepping for initial system bringup and several folks asked for an easy way to inject basic DDS messages on our network. This is primarily a writer tool, for reading we already have Admin Console & SPY of course. The usage would be diagnostics: i.e., we take a chunk of the system offline, and then have this injection tool be able to publish a few topics to make the online parts of the system do something interesting.

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passing the data to the write()

I've searched across to find a good example that explains how to pass the data generated by another application to the publisher. I went over the examples provided in rti-workspace/5.2.3/examples/connext_dds but i'm not sure how to do this.
Basically, I have one application that continuously genrates the coordinates (say x,y,z) and I would like to pass this data as it being generated to the publisher. I can generate IDL file with the struct that contains the coordinates, but then I'm not sure how should  I refer this data in write() ?

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