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A C++ Template Library for Data-Centric Type Modeling for DDS-XTypes

This whitepaper describes a powerful C++ template library to allow users to describe their types in plain C++ and use those types directly for data-centric communication over DDS. The library transforms native C++ types into equivalent run-time TypeObject representation as specified in the DDS-XTypes standard. The library obviates the need to describe application-level data-types in external representations, such as IDL, XSD, XML, and DynamicData.

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A Generic Data-Centric Messaging Library for DDS

When it comes to sending data across a network, applications send either binary or self-describing data (XML). Both approaches have merits. Data Distribution Service (DDS) combines the best of both in what’s called “data-centric messaging”. DDS shares the type description once, upfront, and later on sends binary data that meets the type description. You typically use IDL or XSD to specify the types and run them through a code generator for type-safe wrapper APIs for your application in your programming language. Simple and fast!

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