DynamicData sequence

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Java Serialization of DynamicData to XML

Hi Everyone,

I'm extremely new to RTI DDS and have a very limited requirement in scope for a Java application. I want to be able to generically subscribe to all Topics, consume all topic messages and persist them as XML and in Binary.

I have looked through the forum and have made quite a lot of progress following the MonitorData example which subscribes to all the topics on the DCPSPublication topic. I am now recieving the messages as DynamicData in my listener. I have a few issues that I am struggling with here

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Problem setting sequence elements dynamically


I have a found a problem with dynamically setting individual sequence elements. The attached file demonstates the problem, where an unrelated change in the structure's type code changes the behaviour from working as expected to not working.

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hi everybody,

I want to

struct task  {
    long a;
    long b;
    sequence<double> cSeq;

struct entity {
    long id;
    long num;
    sequence<task> myTaskSeq;

struct myType {
    double speed;
    sequence<entity> myEntity; 

but in task struct,the cSeq's length is not sure,even for 0.

it will lead to takeup too much memory.

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