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Help cloning a drive with partitions

Hello, complete QNX neutrino 641 beginner here. First time working with this OS at all. I am trying to clone a drive from my car that runs on the QNX OS. I can see that the drive i need to clone has many partitions, 77,78,79,187 etc... but using FDISK, I only see 4 partitions and can only edit 4 partitions at a time. umass1 is the disk i am trying to clone, umass0 is an empty drive I am cloning to. I already started with the partition on umass0, which is why you see the partitions already, but I am lost on how to get the rest of the partitions copied. Can anyone help me out? 

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Instance state and network partitions

Say there is a single reader and writer on two separate nodes on a network. The writer is writing a single instance. They are using (automatic) liveness QoS. The application is reading data from the data reader via on_data_available of the DataReaderListener and it has received at least one sample of the instance. Now, there is a network parition. Because of the liveness QoS, the data reader will eventually be notified via on_data_available that the instance is in the NOT_ALIVE_NO_WRITERS state.

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