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Compile Open Community Source on Windows with MinGW

I am looking at some information about how to compile the Open Community on Windows resulting in a set of DLLs. Instead of the Visual Studio compiler I want to compile using the MinGW toolchain. I have find the lua premake4 script but this only compiles a set of static libraries and also different libraries then the one RTI normally ships. Does anyone tried this? Which directories should be compiled into which DLL?

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Build RTI DDS and Connext DDS from source


Hi there!

First off, I applaud RTI for providing source code for the core libraries and utilities for RTI and Connext DDS!  Kudos!

My main question is: are there any resources on how to properly build the source package?  I couldn't find any documentation for doing this in the Core Library and Utilities Getting Started, Users Manual, or Platform Notes pdf files.  Perhaps I missed something obvious, though (I hope so)!

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