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NtoM is a concept of operations which pursues the feasibility, from a human factors perspective, of having a single pilot/aircrew controlling several remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) at once in non-segregated airspace. To meet such feasibility, this multitasking must be safe and not interfere with the job of the air traffic controllers due to delays or errors associated with parallel piloting. To that end, a set of measures at several levels are suggested.

A prototype of the system orchestrating the enviroment described by the ConOps was implemented to illustrate the potential of the concept. The connectivity between the clients for pilots and controllers and the server was done using RTI Connext DDS, which is particularly interesting in the case of the RPAS to simulate different scenarios of Quality of Service of the link.

 DDS schema of the NtoM connectivity

Problems with libnddsjavad.so in java, IntelliJ, Ubuntu 14


I'm working in a DDS project in Java under Ubuntu using the IDE IntelliJ IDEA. The program compiles succesfully but when I execute it, under Ubuntu, it fails showing the following error:

The library libnddsjavad.so could not be loaded by Linux.
Make sure that the library is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

As indicated the error, I checked my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and it's right. LD_LIBRARY_PATH is defined in .bashrc as follows:


Trade-off between nº data types and nº topics


Imagine that you need transmit a lot of different data through you system. To do that, you have to define all data types required and the topics associated to these data types.

For each data type defined can be one or more Topics associated, so imagine that the number of Topics in the system is around 1000. It means that the number of DataWriters and DataReaders in the system will be higher because the Topics are shared among several participants.


reliable QoS vs. TCP protocl

Hi guys,

I would like to know what's the difference between use a UDP traffic with a reliability, which is defined in QoS file, and use TCP traffic, also defined in QoS file.

The reliable traffic use an ACKNACK as the TCP uses ACK. Therefore, what's the difference?



RTI Monitor on Ubuntu

Hi guys,

I work with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, eclipse CDT and the language used is c++.

I've compiled and ran successfully the rti example "using_qos_profiles".

To enable the monitoring I've modify the QoS file "my_custom_qos_profiles.xml" in the following way.

<qos_library name="profiles_Library">

<qos_profile name="transient_local_profile" base_name="BuiltinQosLib::Generic.Monitoring.Common">


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