A Data Distribution Service in a Hierarchical SDN Architecture: Implementation and Evaluation

Software-defined networks (SDNs) have caused a paradigm shift in communication networks as they enable network programmability using either centralized or distributed controllers. With the development of the industry and society, new verticals have emerged, such as Industry 4.0, cooperative sensing and augmented reality. These verticals require network robustness and availability, which forces the use of distributed domains to improve network scalability and resilience. To this aim, this paper proposes a new solution to distribute SDN domains by using Data Distribution Services (DDS). The DDS allows the exchange of network information, synchronization among controllers and auto-discovery. Moreover, it increases the control plane robustness, an important characteristic in 5G networks (e.g., if a controller fails, its resources and devices can be managed by other controllers in a short amount of time as they already know this information). To verify the effectiveness of the DDS, we design a testbed by integrating the DDS in SDN controllers and deploying these controllers in different regions of Spain. The communication among the controllers was evaluated in terms of latency and overhead.

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