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dds_c_common.h File Reference

DDS_C common definitions. More...

#include "cdr/cdr_cdr_type.h"

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 Defines TRUE value of IDL boolean data type.
 Defines FALSE value of IDL boolean data type.


typedef CDR_Char DDS_Char
 Defines IDL char data typeAn 8-bit quantity that encodes a single byte charater from any byte-oriented code set.
typedef CDR_Wchar DDS_Wchar
 Defines IDL wchar data typeAn 16-bit quantity that encodes a wide character from any character set.
typedef CDR_Octet DDS_Octet
 Defines IDL octet data typeAn 8-bit quantity that is guaranteed not to undergo any conversion when transmitted by the middleware.
typedef CDR_Short DDS_Short
 Defines IDL short data typeA 16-bit signed short integer value.
typedef CDR_UnsignedShort DDS_UnsignedShort
 Defines IDL unsigned short data typeA 16-bit unsigned short integer value.
typedef CDR_Long DDS_Long
 Defines IDL long data typeA 32-bit signed long integer value.
typedef CDR_UnsignedLong DDS_UnsignedLong
 Defines IDL unsigned long data typeA 32-bit unsigned long integer value.
typedef CDR_LongLong DDS_LongLong
 Defines IDL long long data typeA 64-bit signed long long integer value.
typedef CDR_UnsignedLongLong DDS_UnsignedLongLong
 Defines IDL unsigned long long data typeAn 64-bit unsigned long long integer value.
typedef CDR_Float DDS_Float
 Defines IDL float data typeA 32-bit floating point value.
typedef CDR_Double DDS_Double
 Defines IDL double data typeA 64-bit floating point value.
typedef CDR_LongDouble DDS_LongDouble
 Defines IDL long double data typeA 16-byte floating point value.
typedef CDR_Boolean DDS_Boolean
 Defines IDL boolean data typeAn 8-bit boolean value that is used to denote a data item that can only take one of the values DDS_BOOLEAN_TRUE (1) or DDS_BOOLEAN_FALSE (0).
typedef CDR_Enum DDS_Enum
 Defines IDL enum data typeEncoded as unsigned long value. The first enum identifier has the numeric value zero (0). Successive enum identifiers take ascending numeric values, in order of declaration from left to right.
typedef CDR_String DDS_String
 IDL string type representation.
typedef CDR_Wstring DDS_Wstring
 Defines IDL wstring data typeEach character composing the string is a 16-bit quantity that encodes a wide character from any character set.

Detailed Description

DDS_C common definitions.

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