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osapi_system.h File Reference

System API definition. More...

#include "osapi/osapi_dll.h"
#include "osapi/osapi_time.h"
#include "osapi/osapi_timer.h"

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Data Structures

struct  OSAPI_SystemI
struct  OSAPI_SystemListener
struct  OSAPI_SystemProperty
struct  OSAPI_SystemUUID
 UUID definition. More...


typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_start_timer_T )(OSAPI_Timer_T self, OSAPI_TimerTickHandlerFunction tick_handler)
typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_stop_timer_T )(OSAPI_Timer_T self)
typedef RTI_INT32(* OSAPI_System_get_timer_resolution_T )(void)
typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_get_time_T )(OSAPI_NtpTime *now)
typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_initialize_T )(void)
typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_finalize_T )(void)
typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_get_hostname_T )(char *const hostname)
typedef RTI_BOOL(* OSAPI_System_on_system_initialize_T )(void *listener_data, struct OSAPI_System *system)


RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_set_interface (struct OSAPI_SystemI *intf)
 Set system interface.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_get_interface (struct OSAPI_SystemI *intf)
 Get the current system interface.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_set_listener (struct OSAPI_SystemListener *listener)
 Install a system listeners.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_get_listener (struct OSAPI_SystemListener *listener)
 Get current system listeners.
void OSAPI_System_generate_uuid (struct OSAPI_SystemUUID *uuid_out)
 Generate a unique universal identifier (UUID)
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_get_time (OSAPI_NtpTime *now)
 Get the current system time.
RTI_INT32 OSAPI_System_get_timer_resolution (void)
 Get the resolution of the clock driving the timer in nano seconds.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_start_timer (OSAPI_Timer_T self, OSAPI_TimerTickHandlerFunction tick_handler)
 Start the timer.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_stop_timer (OSAPI_Timer_T self)
 Stop the timer.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_initialize (void)
 Initialize the system.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_finalize (void)
 Finalize the system.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_get_property (struct OSAPI_SystemProperty *property)
 Get the system properties.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_set_property (struct OSAPI_SystemProperty *property)
 Set the system properties.
void OSAPI_System_get_native_interface (struct OSAPI_SystemI *intf)
 Get the native system interface.
RTI_INT32 OSAPI_System_get_next_object_id (void)
 Return next ID.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_System_get_hostname (char *const hostname)
 Get the hostname.

Detailed Description

System API definition.

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