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dds_c_topic.h File Reference

DDS topic module. More...

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Data Structures

struct  DDS_InconsistentTopicStatus
struct  DDS_TopicQos
 QoS policies supported by a DDS_Topic entity.Getting and setting the topic QoS is not supported. DDS_TOPIC_QOS_DEFAULT is the only value supported as an argument to DDS_DomainParticipant_create_topic . More...
struct  DDS_TopicListener
 <<interface>> DDS_Listener for DDS_Topic entities. More...


#define DDS_InconsistentTopicStatus_INITIALIZER
 <<cert>> Initializer for new status instances.
#define DDS_TopicQos_INITIALIZER
 <<cert>> Initializer for new QoS instances.
#define DDS_TopicListener_INITIALIZER
 <<cert>> Initializer for new DDS_TopicListener.All the new DDS_TopicListener instances allocated in the stack should be initialized to this value.No memory is allocated.


typedef struct
 The data structure by which RTI Connext Micro identifies keys in user data types.RTI Connext Micro propagates and differentiates between instances of keyed types using DDS_InstanceId_t . Before a sample of a keyed type can be written, its key must be translated into one of these.
typedef struct
 <<interface>> Base class for DDS_Topic.DDS_TopicDescription represents the fact that both publications and subscriptions are tied to a single data-type. Its attribute type_name defines a unique resulting type for the publication or the subscription and therefore creates an implicit association with a type.
typedef struct DDS_TopicImpl DDS_Topic
 <<interface>> The most basic description of the data to be published and subscribed.
typedef void(* DDS_TopicListener_InconsistentTopicCallback )(void *listener_data, DDS_Topic *topic, const struct DDS_InconsistentTopicStatus *status)
 Prototype of DDS_TopicListener::on_inconsistent_topic.


DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_TopicQos_initialize (struct DDS_TopicQos *self)
 Initializer for new QoS instances.
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_TopicQos_copy (struct DDS_TopicQos *self, const struct DDS_TopicQos *source)
 Copy the contents of the given QoS into this QoS.DDS_TopicQos instances can use dynamic memory because of the sequences contained in some QoS policies. A shallow copy by assignment is therefore unsafe. This method performs a deep-copy, allocating memory if necessary.
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_TopicQos_finalize (struct DDS_TopicQos *self)
 Free any dynamic memory allocated by the policies in this DDS_TopicQos.Some QoS policies may use dynamic memory (regardless of whether the QoS itself is in dynamic memory). This method frees that memory but otherwise leaves this QoS unchanged. It should be called on all instances before they are freed (or, in the case of stack-based instances, before they go out of scope).
DDS_Boolean DDS_TopicQos_is_equal (const struct DDS_TopicQos *left, const struct DDS_TopicQos *right)
const char * DDS_TopicDescription_get_type_name (DDS_TopicDescription *self)
 <<cert>> Get the associated type_name.
const char * DDS_TopicDescription_get_name (DDS_TopicDescription *self)
 <<cert>> Get the name used to create this DDS_TopicDescription .
DDS_DomainParticipantDDS_TopicDescription_get_participant (DDS_TopicDescription *self)
 <<cert>> Get the DDS_DomainParticipant to which the DDS_TopicDescription belongs.
DDS_EntityDDS_Topic_as_entity (DDS_Topic *self)
 <<cert>> Access a DDS_Topic's DDS_Entity supertype instance.
DDS_TopicDescriptionDDS_Topic_as_topicdescription (DDS_Topic *self)
 <<cert>> Access a DDS_Topic's DDS_TopicDescription supertype instance.
DDS_TopicDDS_Topic_narrow (DDS_TopicDescription *self)
 <<cert>> Narrow the given DDS_TopicDescription pointer to a DDS_Topic pointer.
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_Topic_get_inconsistent_topic_status (DDS_Topic *self, struct DDS_InconsistentTopicStatus *status)
 <<cert>> Allows the application to retrieve the DDS_INCONSISTENT_TOPIC_STATUS status of a DDS_Topic.Retrieve the current DDS_InconsistentTopicStatus
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_Topic_set_qos (DDS_Topic *self, const struct DDS_TopicQos *qos)
 Set the topic QoS.
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_Topic_get_qos (DDS_Topic *self, struct DDS_TopicQos *qos)
 Get the topic QoS.
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_Topic_set_listener (DDS_Topic *self, const struct DDS_TopicListener *l, DDS_StatusMask mask)
 Set the topic listener.
struct DDS_TopicListener DDS_Topic_get_listener (DDS_Topic *self)
 Get the topic listener.

Detailed Description

DDS topic module.

Function Documentation

DDS_Boolean DDS_TopicQos_is_equal ( const struct DDS_TopicQos left,
const struct DDS_TopicQos right 

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