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osapi_timer.h File Reference

Timer interface definition. More...

#include "osapi/osapi_dll.h"
#include "osapi/osapi_types.h"
#include "osapi/osapi_thread.h"
#include "osapi/osapi_mutex.h"

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Data Structures

struct  OSAPI_TimeoutUserData
 User-data passed to timer-handler. More...


#define OSAPI_TIMER_PERIODIC   (0x1)
 Create a periodic timer.
#define OSAPI_TIMER_ONE_SHOT   (0x0)
 Create a one-shot timer.


enum  OSAPI_TimeoutOp_t
 Action taken by timer module when a timer callback returns. More...


OSAPI_Timer_T OSAPI_Timer_new (struct OSAPI_TimerProperty *property, struct OSAPI_Mutex *mutex)
 Create a Timer.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_Timer_delete (OSAPI_Timer_T timer)
 Delete a Timer.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_Timer_create_timeout (OSAPI_Timer_T timer, OSAPI_TimeoutHandle_T *out_handle, RTI_INT32 timeout, RTI_INT32 flags, OSAPI_TimeoutFunction_T timeout_handler, struct OSAPI_TimeoutUserData *user_data)
 Schedule a timeout.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_Timer_update_timeout (OSAPI_Timer_T timer, OSAPI_TimeoutHandle_T *out_handle, RTI_INT32 timeout)
 Reschedule a timeout.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_Timer_delete_timeout (OSAPI_Timer_T timer, OSAPI_TimeoutHandle_T *handle)
 Stop a previously scheduled timeout.
RTI_BOOL OSAPI_TimeoutHandle_get_user_data (struct OSAPI_TimeoutUserData *user_data, OSAPI_TimeoutHandle_T *handle)
 Get the user_data from a handle.

Detailed Description

Timer interface definition.

Timer API.

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